unoyaga records

Welcome to unoyaga records.  The first question we usually get is, "Where did you get your name?", or "What does unoyaga mean?"  Well, thanks for asking, it's actually a Cherokee word, here's the definition/translation.

   unoyaga - noise, racket, rang, sound, squeak, tone, tune

We couldn't think of a better way to describe what we're about or what music means to us.  It's a pure love of music, naturally occurring in nature like the sound of rain hitting the earth, the sound of water trickling over stones in a small forest stream, the chirp of a treefrog high up on a fir tree, the rush of wings as a bird takes flight... 

Our artists channel channel music in a way that honers this naturally occurring tunes that happen around us every day.  Some of them even enlist participation of these sounds by recording them and enhancing their tunes with some of these sounds.  

Listen to our featured artist to hear this technique for yourself - and see if you can identify nature's participation.